"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...It's about learning to dance in the rain." -- Vivian Greene

 Every now and then something unexpected takes place on a wedding day.    Ruoyi and Shuyuan's Rock Creek Garden wedding was that kind of day.   The amazing addition of the rain when Ruoyi was escorted up the aisle by her dad made their wedding an epic story.   If it hadn't been the sudden storm, the most dramatic moment of their wedding would never have happened.    We've witnessed so many outdoor weddings taking place under the perfect sunshine, but were truly touched by Ruoyi and Shuyuan's vows in the pouring rain.  

The wedding took place at the Rock Creek Gardens with a secluded and romantic setting and views of Mt. Rainier waterfalls, and stone pathways.  The white bridal house has plenty of space upstairs for the girls to get ready as well as space downstairs that the guys could get ready if you wanted.

Following the garden ceremony, the couple and their beloved guests dance the night away under the elegant, white reception tent draped in fabric and crystal chandeliers.  Like a rainstorm washes away the dust and dirt on the top of your car, we wish this rain to wash away any unhappiness and negativity from their past and allow them to move forward into a fresh new chapter of their life.  

A perfect wedding does not require perfect weather. This pair were so lucky to have such a gorgeous and unforgettable ceremony, and are ready for whatever is in their future to come.