In the heart of Silicon Valley, amidst the sprawling grounds of one of the world's leading research universities, two hearts vowed to unite in a ceremony that was as much a celebration of love as it was a homage to their shared journey. C&Z, both PhD graduates of Stanford University, chose the iconic Stanford Memorial Church as the venue for their wedding, weaving their academic achievements into the very fabric of their celebration. Click here for the full gallery!

The Venue: A Symbol of Enduring Beauty and Wisdom

Stanford Memorial Church stands as a beacon of spiritual and intellectual pursuit on the Stanford campus. Its stunning architecture and rich history made it the perfect setting for C&Z, whose relationship blossomed within the university's hallowed halls. The church’s breathtaking mosaics and stained-glass windows provided a vibrant backdrop to a ceremony that celebrated not just the union of two souls but the culmination of years of academic dedication.

The Ceremony: An Ode to Love and Learning

The ceremony was a reflection of C&Z's shared values: a deep respect for knowledge, a commitment to personal growth, and a love that grew from friendship to a lifelong partnership. Guests, many of whom were fellow Stanford alumni, were greeted with programs that detailed the couple’s journey together, from their first meeting in a study group to the moment they received their doctoral degrees side by side.

The Celebration: A Blend of Tradition and Personal History

The reception, held in a beautifully decorated hotel hall off campus, was a testament to C&Z’s unique story. Tables were named after significant milestones in their relationship and academic careers, from the library where they spent countless hours studying to the overseas conference where they first realized they were meant to be more than colleagues. The menu featured dishes inspired by their study sessions fueled by late-night snacks and the first meal they shared as a couple.